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Reviews from our Valued Clients

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"My husband and I have had a hobby farm for 14 years and it is always a challenge to get away and feel comfortable leaving our 40+ animals. Zoe is absolutely the most kind and conscientious animal care giver we’ve met and has given us some much needed freedom for trips off the mountain. We have several special needs animals and she takes incredible care of them and sends us text and pictures to keep us posted. I would highly recommend her and am thankful we have her in our community. Thank you Zoe from all of the heartbeats at Tucker Farm!"    ~ Karen Hall 

"I can’t explain it, but from the moment we met Zoe, our minds were at ease. She asks all the right questions, keeps in touch daily, sends photos to put a smile on our face and captured the hearts of our animals within minutes. Above and beyond. Professional and trustworthy. Kind and Considerate. We were so confident of her services…we booked several bookings before an initial meeting. Hands down, best one out there! 5 stars. Thank you for sharing your life with the animals so that we have the ability to get away for a few days. Much appreciated! "  ~The Ziese’s

"We have used Zoe to pet sit for our two dogs and will continue to use her. She made an initial visit to meet our boys and to make sure she felt comfortable with the job. During this initial visit she took extensive notes about the house and our dogs’ “quirks”. While we were away, she was in regular contact with us and sent us several pictures. We were specifically looking for someone that would “move in” while we were on vacation and stay over night at our house. Zoe was able to do so. We like that you can coordinate Zoe’s beginning and ending visits so that she arrives before you leave and is there when you return. Removes a bit of the anxiety you always have when going on vacation with pets at home by eliminating the question of whether or not the pet sitter will arrive when they are supposed to. Unlike some pet sitters that have other full time jobs, this is Zoe’s job. We have used pet sitters for over 40 years and we can honestly say Zoe is one of the best we have ever used. We highly recommend her."   ~ Don and Jane Poole



"I am so happy that I found Zoe! She is very professional, thorough and knowledgeable, with an attention to detail, taking care of my farm, my animals and my house! I had peace of mind and a worry-free trip thanks to her. She stayed in contact with me the whole time and checked in if she had any questions about anything. From your first consultation to your returning home, Zoe has it covered, and then some! She leaves your place so tidy it's almost like she wasn't even there! And she doesn't take care of your animals like it's a chore, she actually cares about them, spends time with and enjoys them too! Zoe takes pride and pleasure in her work and it shows! I highly, and with great confidence, recommend her for any job, pet and/or farm sitting! I will absolutely be using her and her services again! Thank you Zoe! "   ~ Maureen Dintino

"We left our critters in the care of High Country Farm Sitting for over a week and were very satisfied. Upon our return we found them happy and in good health, our home tidy and packages, mail collected. During our absence, they checked in with us periodically with texts and photos that were really appreciated. We highly recommend HCSS and have already booked a future term of service."  ~ Jodie Feimster

"High Country Farm Sitting Services has given us the freedom to travel with our children. Zoe is such an amazing farm sitter. She did a terrific job with our small farm with ducks, dogs, cats, geese, chickens and horse. She goes above and beyond what I could have imagined. She’s very trustworthy and we will be using her services for all future vacations."  ~ Kate and Elliot Johnson

"Zoe has cared for our farm and 50+ animals on many occasions. She is very thorough in learning your expectations and what is required to ensure the animals are safe and healthy. While at our farm she is very observant and caring of our animals, informing us immediately if she has any concerns. On our return the animals appear healthy, content and, some of them, a little spoiled! Zoe cleans up and writes a summary of her time at our farm before she leaves. We really appreciate having Zoe as one of our farm's family and look forward to many more collaborations."    ~Nigel and Susan Davies


"Absolute professional! Zoe took care of 39 animals at our place. She genuinely cares for your pets, no matter what hands on or hands off care they need. We had pretty much given up on taking vacations, because lets face it - no one takes care of your house and your pets like you do. No more... Zoe is our 'go to' farm sitter. Highly recommended!"   ~ Jeff and Nona Cullen

"She is sitting at my place right now. She spent hours asking questions and taking notes. She also walked right in the stalls with my horses and knew how to be around them. My one dog who doesn’t warm up to people went right to her. So happy I found her. For the first time in over 20 years I was able to go away and not worry about the dogs, horses and cats. I didn't have to take the dogs to board some place or worry about the weather. Thank you so much Zoe for providing peace of mind for me (and my husband from listening to me worry)."  ~ Valerie Sheppard 



"We can’t say enough good things about High Country Farm Sitting Services! We arrived home from vacation to happy animals and didn’t have to worry once about their care. Zoe is incredibly professional, experienced, organized, and compassionate. She provided equal care for our home as well. If you are looking for someone to assist with your home or farm while you are on vacation, we highly recommend High Country Farm Sitting Services. We’ll be booking with Zoe again, and are so grateful to know that we such a wonderful local option for when we are away. When we started our homestead, I wasn’t sure we’d ever vacation again. Thanks to High Country Farm Sitting Services, we now have that option! "  ~ Marti Phillips


"I wish I could give this a higher rating than 5! Zoe, of High Country Farm Sitting, did an excellent job taking care of my farm and animals. She is very professional and responsible. She kept in great contact during our trip so I never had to worry about any of my animals. When we arrived home our house was clean and she had stripped and remade her bed. Her summary note was very helpful to know how things were done. I would highly recommend this service and I will be using her again twice more this Summer. I just wish she wasn't already booked up for the holidays."  ~ Sandy Spooner




"Amazing service as we had been so worried we would not be able to travel due to needing someone to care for all our animals, but we found this service and have been so pleased. We were very happy with the care given to our animals, as well as Zoe’s professionalism and responsiveness to any of our questions and I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a farm sitter. It is so nice to be able to leave home and not worry about anything at home as she is allowing us opportunities to travel that we would not have if not for her wonderful service.​"  ~ Amanda Hawkins

"We can't thank you enough for taking such good care of our fur babies!!  It is such a relief to know that when we are gone that they are being cared for by such a sweet and caring person. Our animals were not stressed out by having you care for them because you provided them with your company, lots of love, and a consistent routine each day.  We will definitely be using your services again."  ~ Tina Peters

"My husband and I wholeheartedly recommend High Country Farm Sitting Services. I was able to see photos of my pets posted on this page while I was away, and when I returned home it was as if I'd never left. Zoe took such good care of the animals, they all came to love her while she was with the. She is kind, compassionate, organized, knowledgeable and personable, as well as an animal lover! We would definitely recommend High Country Farm Sitting to anyone considering leaving the place in the care of someone responsible. We would also be willing to talk with anyone on the phone for more personalized answers."  ~Lisa Mallory



"Finally, we can get out of town and feel confident that both our property and animals are in loving, capable hands. We’re pretty intentional in the care and routine we provide our animals and we know that High Country Farm Sitting Services carries out the many, varied daily tasks with the same love and care that we do. Zoe is very balanced; she is so loving toward our animals while making sound decisions regarding their well-being. An obvious animal lover, she is one of the only people our dog accepted immediately. She’s highly communicative – offering to provide us with updates and photos at a frequency we’re comfortable with. She is very responsive to the unexpected – having needed to take one of our animals to our vet for unplanned surgery, attentive to other details, like watering our plants and getting our mail. And she always leaves our home in great condition. We highly recommend High Country Farm Sitting Services – a real find!"    ~ Sean Dolan

"Dear High Country Farm Sitting Services:

Thank you for taking on our farm responsibilities while we were away. You were professional, caring, courteous, and compassionate and went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you for making our dog feel special while we were away. The donkeys, goats, cats, chickens and ducks were also cared for tenderly, but dog appreciated you the most! It was wonderful to have a break from our farm for over a week! We feel we have found a wonderful collaborator in our farm efforts, and look forward to planning some more get-aways soon!! Will be in touch soon! Much appreciation to you.”    ~Todd and Miel Mortenson

"It has always been difficult to find someone who could manage our pets, plants & home, in order for us to be able to travel. That is, until we found Zoe. She did a great job! Upon return, our pets were safe & happy. Our plants were doing well & our house was clean and tidy. We will definitely use Zoe again, the next time we travel. Thanks!!!"      ~Brent Cochran



"Thank you, High Country Farm Sitting Services!! We have a plethora of animals, including a 2 week old litter of 12 pure bred puppies who needed hourly care.  HCFSS was there and we had perfect peace knowing all the animals were well cared for by Zoe. Not just cared for but pampered as well. Kindness is a critical element in this line of work and we know Zoe cares and that makes all the difference. "     ~ David and Hannah Kennedy

"Excellent service, great communication, professional, and attention to detail! My animals were happy, and you could tell they were well taken care of while we were away. I would HIGHLY recommend High Country Farm Sitting Services and I've already booked her for future trips this winter and spring!"                             ~Emily Link

"We recommend this service to anyone with rural property. Zoe made our Thanksgiving weekend worry free and the fee was very affordable."  ~Ian and Kelly Snyder

"Great service!  Trustworthy and dependable.  High Country Farm Sitting Services did exactly what we expected them to do.  They took care of our dog and our home while we were away on a trip. Much better than a kennel situation for our pet.  Allowed us to feel that our dog had top care in a place she was comfortable and also our property was safely and responsibly cared for while we were away.   This is a professional quality, insured service that will give you peace of mind while you're out of town.  We will definitely be using their services again in the

future!"    ~ Russell and Christy Taylor

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